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Feature on BBC's The ONE SHOW

Feature on BBC's The ONE SHOW

In the run up to Christmas Marc was invited on to prime time television show - BBC One Show. As well as talking about the art of kirigami, Marc found himself perched on the roof of a building opposite the BBC Building being challenged to create a very special kirigami model. The results to be revealed at the end of the segment.



Nearly 1.7 million people on YouTube have watch the Samsung Galaxy Note II viral in which I created 4 /6 pieces of kirigami. I though that I'd share a little bit of the process behind the creation of the work. In this post are some behind the scenes photos of the shoot and scans of the original concept drawings.

The concept was pitched by Ed Robinson, the Executive Creative Director at The Viral Factory who have created several other successful virals for Samsung Mobile US. For me to create the 4 pieces it was about 3 weeks of planning and cutting during which I was in constant communication with Simon (the producer) and Jake (the director). The whole team at The Viral Factory were a joy to work with. The video was shot was over 2 days. I attended the first day to advise on handling of the pieces and ensuring they were correctly displayed and looked after during the filming.

The pieces I created are; Travelling Home for Christmas, The Parade, The Theatre and The Rockefeller Ice Rink.