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I needed some promo pictures done especially with the launching a new site and online shop. As it was coming up to the anniversary to the Horrorgami exhibition it felt right to do something a bit celebratory and tongue-in-cheek.

Before kirigami took up most of my time, I spent 8 years in the creative industry as an designer and art director. I'd come up with plenty of concepts for photo-shoots before so the idea of presented me as maverick paper cutting person came quite easily. I wanted there to be heavy references to horror / B-movies with strong lighting, smoke and of course a less than subtle homage to chainsaw wielding heroes and villains such as Ash in Evil Dead and Leather Face in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.This lead to the project being dubbed as Chainsaw Mascara by Alex Holmes who despite lacking in humour skills, used his awesome retouching skills to piece together the final image. Of course, having spent years behind the camera, it honestly didn't dawn on me until the last minute that I was going to have to stand in front of the camera and do this! Taking an occasional selfie on your phone is one thing...


The shoot was at the wonderful Seamus Ryan's studio in east London. Seamus is a very esteemed photographer, having a wide variety of clients such as:
 JWT, Publicis, BBH, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, The National Theatre, Yahoo, Sky, Guinness, British Airways and the BBC. I'd worked with Seamus on a shoot last year so knew he's really easy to get on with, not to mention hugely talented. Before the day we had some back and forth emails with scamps and reference imagery, eventually settling on the recent Westfield promo shot as a good starting point for us.  

After looking very clumsy in all the pictures taken in the first half of the day, I eventually relaxed and the session turned into a game of 'on a scale of 1 to Cheese - How corny a face could I pull?' It's so much easier to goof around in front of a camera than it is to try and look good so this was the only way I was going to get through it. I think I managed it.

Either way the quality of the image surpassed any expectation I had for it.



Just had the official nod - I have a little deal in place to write and create a Horrorgami book! It will be published by the fantastic Laurence King Publishing Ltd who are specialists in the arts and design world. Still many details to iron out but essentially it'll comprise of brand new Horrorgami templates for you to make yourself with influences from myths, legends and gruesome histories. Along the way I'll teach you the skills behind kirigami and how to design and make your own pieces. So, let's just see if the pen really is mightier than the sword... or craft knife. Excited!



I was very honoured to be asked by TalkPR to create 13 unique kirigami trophies for the 'P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards 2013'. The annual award ceremony celebrates the very best in editorial and design for journalism within the business sector. Below is a snap of Jo Whiley and Aimee Goldsmith, Head of Communications at P&G presenting a trophy to freelance journalist, Alice Du Parcq during a lovely cocktail party in London.

And a slightly champagne soaked Paper Dandy with my friend Katy at the party.



Nearly 1.7 million people on YouTube have watch the Samsung Galaxy Note II viral in which I created 4 /6 pieces of kirigami. I though that I'd share a little bit of the process behind the creation of the work. In this post are some behind the scenes photos of the shoot and scans of the original concept drawings.

The concept was pitched by Ed Robinson, the Executive Creative Director at The Viral Factory who have created several other successful virals for Samsung Mobile US. For me to create the 4 pieces it was about 3 weeks of planning and cutting during which I was in constant communication with Simon (the producer) and Jake (the director). The whole team at The Viral Factory were a joy to work with. The video was shot was over 2 days. I attended the first day to advise on handling of the pieces and ensuring they were correctly displayed and looked after during the filming.

The pieces I created are; Travelling Home for Christmas, The Parade, The Theatre and The Rockefeller Ice Rink.


A few pictures of the Horrorgami private view on Hallowe'en night featuring a few special guests.

 L-R:  Rhiannon Adam  (Gallery One-And-A-Half),  Dougie Poynter  (Mc Fly),  Me  (Paper Dandy)  Tom Fletcher  (Mc Fly),  Giovanna Fletcher  (author & actor),  Glamourous Lady  (?)

L-R: Rhiannon Adam (Gallery One-And-A-Half), Dougie Poynter (Mc Fly), Me (Paper Dandy) Tom Fletcher (Mc Fly), Giovanna Fletcher (author & actor), Glamourous Lady (?)

 L-R:  Chris Addison  (Comedian),  Marc Wootton  (Comedian ),  Me  (Paper Dandy)

L-R: Chris Addison (Comedian), Marc Wootton (Comedian ), Me (Paper Dandy)




So overwhelmed to see Horrorgami on the BBC News Magazine section this morning. I doubt any Blue Peter presenters will be worried about their jobs yet. Watch it here If you want to have a go at making the Zombie Mini-Horrorgami featured in the clip then you can download the template right after the jump. I'll retweet any images of models you've made. Modifications are welcome!

Happy Hallowe'en

Paper Dandy