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Whoops! Haunted got its letters mixed up a bit... Chuffed all the same to see Horrorgami mentioned in Loaded Magazine. Tits and paper craft, what more do you need? Click the button below to see the full article.


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I can't tell you how excited I am for Mockingbird Lane re-envisioning of The Munsters by Bryan Fuller. Here's a continuation of the Horror-moticons collection I created in celebration of it.

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Grandpa Sam:   }:^[

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Herman:   [ ‡ 8~|

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Lily:   ∫∫;^◊

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Eddie:   ∑:•B

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Marilyn:   §;¬◊

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Watch the trailer here.


Horrormoticons I blogged these a while back but thought it was about time they moved over to their rightful home with Horrorgami just in time for Hallowe'en. Give it up for the Horrormoticons! (rapturous applause)

}:^[      (Vampire)

[ |8~[]      (Frankenstein)

<|:^•>      (Witch)

( = • )      (Ghost)

WW| ;^      (Bride of Frankenstein)

( 8•=]      (Skull)

}:•B      (Werewolf - a tame one)

        (The Invisible man)


Time Out says

A love of horror films and the macabre is the inspiration behind these 'Horrorgami' works by Marc Hagan-Guirey, aka Paper Dandy, a 'paper architect', who employs the ancient and fiddly Japanese art of kirigami. Perfect for Halloween gallery-goers, each construction depicts an iconic location from a cult horror movie -including The Overlook Hotel from 'The Shining' and 112 Ocean Avenue from the 'Amityville' films. Hagan-Guirey further ramps up the atmosphere by presenting the works in lightboxes so that, after dark, their silhouetted forms appear as spectral and ethereal. He wants us to think about the artifice of fear and horror as a psychological construct. And, yes, cut from a single sheet of paper, each piece was probably a nightmare to make.



IMG_6135-300x300  After lots of deliberating and testing different models I finally came to a decision on what Horrorgami No.13 would be. I was really blown away by the hundreds of suggestions that came through. Lots of you went to the trouble of writing very sweet notes, web links to images for inspiration even some of you suggested obscure Horror film recommendations. Once the Horrorgami exhibition is done and dusted I'll be sitting down to watch them.

With kirigami there are quite a lot of limitations meaning the buildings are more like interpretations rather than replicas. Working with these limitations is half the fun really - for example you can't have a roof sloping backwards at an angle. The paper can only be at horizontal or vertical angles. What this means is that a Horrorgami sculpture relies on discernible features that instantly jump out and allow the viewer to recognise the building. Going through the suggestions it was clear that you lot desperately wanted to see a cabin shack from Evil Dead. I did too. Before the suggestions even started coming through I had already tried several different designs. Unfortunately nothing really worked and because the building is so simple it just didn't have the same intricacy as the others. It stuck out like a severed thumb.

A few others I tried were The Tall Man's Mausoleum from Phantasm, Michael Myers house from Halloween and Elm Street but either due to the limitations of the technique or just not 'horror' looking enough they didn't make the cut.

Surprisingly the model I ended up making was only suggested by one person but it jumped out at me as soon as I saw it in my inbox. I just needed to do a few test pieces to make sure it worked. There was two factors that really influenced my decision to go with this. Firstly it was a very modern building - no gothic features which meant there was definitely room for it amongst the others. Secondly and most importantly (and this is why I was surprised that the suggestion only came from one person) it made me ask myself - 'how can I have a horror series and not feature zombies somewhere?'

I've been instagraming and tweeting a few clues over the past few days and a couple of you horror buffs have worked it out.

Drum roll….

The 13th Horrorgami is the Monroeville Shopping Mall from Dawn of the Dead.

I'm keeping the design under wraps at the moment but I'll post some photos of it closer to the exhibition date. To really get the full effect you need to get down to One-and-a-Half gallery to see them in person. There will be a late night opening on Thursday the 1st of November  which is open to the public. Please visit www.one-and-a-half.com for more information.

Once again, thank you all so much for taking the time to send in your suggestions. It really meant a lot.   Cheers

Paper Dandy


As you can see 12 of the 13 Horrorgamis have been decided. I need your help to decide what Horrorgami number 13 is. Who ever suggests the Horrorgami that gets made I will send them their very own paper cutting of the model. Send your suggestion in via the contact page. Some of you might suggest the same idea and in that case I'll draw you from a hat. The winner gets the paper cut only.

Enter as many suggestions as you like!


horrorgami_pinterest_board-480x477 Want to see the buildings for which the Horrorgami model are based on all in one place?

I've now set up a Pinterest board called 'Horrorgami - The Houses.' I hope you have fun comparing the real building with the models and enjoy understanding the challenges and sacrifices overcome when making a replica out of a single piece of paper. Hopefully there'll be a few "How the hell did he do that?" ones in there too!

follow the link to 'Horrorgami - The Houses.'


After tweeting the first few finished Horrorgamis I decided to keep the details of remaining models to my chest. But today Im letting you in on secret. The list of Horrorgami models is after the jump. You might notice that there are only 12 models named. More on that later...


THE ADDAMS FAMILY - The Addams Mansion

THE EXORCIST - The MacNeil Home

PSYCHO - The Bates Residence

DRACULA - Castle Bran


BEETLEJUICE - The Deetze's (Post-Modern remodel)

GHOSTBUSTERS - The Fire Station


THE MUNSTERS - 1313 Mockingbird Lane

ROSEMARY'S BABY - The Dakota Building

THE SHINING - The Overlook Hotel