A collaborative kirigami with the national theatre's 'curious incident of the dog in the night-time' & the london transport museum

I was thrilled to be approached by AKA to created a collaborative kirigami on behalf of The National Theatre / The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time with the London Transport Museum.

We’ve partnered with the London Transport Museum and phenomenal paper sculptor Paper Dandy to create an intriguing Curious Incident paper sculpture. 

Inspired by the links between London Underground scenes in the play and the introduction of the Night Tube this year, the piece brings to life the Gielgud Theatre and the night-time world beneath the city where significant scenes on stage meet the real world of Transport for London’s night services. We are excited to be working with the London-based artist, who created the unique paper sculpture from a single piece of A3 paper.

The artwork will be on display at the London Transport Museum from 11th September for six months as part of the new Night Shift: London after Dark exhibition. Make sure to check it out while it’s there and let us know what Curious scenes you can spot!






The piece blends the story of the play and the real world of the underground network. Here we can see Christopher holding his pet rat cage as he run deeper into the underground station - inevitably leading to the dramatic incident on the train track. Also added is a tiny rendition of the new Night Tube map - no bigger than 2cm wide.




Details such as the dog star constellation featured in the set design of the show and the new London Night Tube logo have been included.

marc being interviewed by londonlive